In May 2017, we were contacted by All Sato Rescue in Puerto Rico about an amazing young mother dog and her 8 pups. 


Not only had this momma been an amazing and nurturing dog to her pups, she also accepted two additional newborn pups that had lost their mom.

She nursed them along with her own.


Although All Sato Rescue could have sent this momma and litter to a sister shelter in the U.S., they knew they would all be split up immediately, and they did not want to see that happen.


In June 2017, mom and pups all flew from Puerto Rico to Miami and officially joined the Puppy B.R.E.A.T.H. program. They spent several weeks in foster homes working on socialization and adjusting to a new environment, while having regular visits with their mom and siblings. 


Honolulu “Lulu” (momma); Tiki, Hula, Lani, Kane, Kona, Pearl, Moana, and Maui (pups).